Where To Buy Firewood

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It is very important to buy your firewood from a local source.  This not only supports your local economy but also prevents the spread of invasive insects and diseases.  You may have heard of the “Buy it where you Burn it campaign” which focuses on the dangers of transporting firewood across ecosystems. Firewood can be a vehicle for invasive species to cross state borders and even continents. Insects and disease can lie dormant in or on firewood for up to two years!  Also pay attention to state and county firewood regulations- some states don’t allow you to bring firewood across their borders and many counties restrict firewood movement out of the area. For more information on this check out this website http://www.dontmovefirewood.org/

The first thing you should do is make sure that your firewood seller is both cutting and selling local firewood. It is hard to imagine, but some firewood sellers (especially large stores or grocery stores) are bringing in firewood from really long distances- even other countries! Ideally, your firewood should be from only a few miles away, or at least in the same county. More broadly, if your firewood dealer is getting wood from up to 50 miles away, that is still considered “OK.”  Always ask your firewood supplier where their wood is coming from.

Buy local

For example, when transporting untreated firewood within Connecticut, you must keep a signed copy of this completed document with you. This Self-Issued Certificate is for cut and split firewood or wood intended to be cut and split and used as fuel for heating purposes.”  Here is a link to the certificate-  http://www.ct.gov/deep/lib/deep/forestry/eab/firewoodtransportationselfcertifcation.pdf

Now I will focus on where to actually find a supplier for local firewood.  You have a few options to consider- like word-of mouth, newspapers/fliers, and the internet. 


Word-of-mouth is great if you trust the person you are asking!  If you have someone like a friend, a neighbor, or family member that lives nearby and recommends a supplier then this is a good option for you.



I have found that the process of filtering through local newspapers and fliers can be time consuming.  There are no customer reviews so it’s difficult to know if the supplier is reliable and what the quality of wood is like.  This is how I used to search for firewood before I started using the internet.



The internet can also be tricky if you don’t know where or what to search for.  For example, Craigslist has its pros and cons- for the pros you are able to search by area and it’s a free source of advertising and information.  However, there are no customer reviews, the information is unverifiable, and anyone can advertise (including fraudulent ones).  You may find a great source of firewood but you also might find a bad one- it’s hit or miss.


This is why we designed this website (www.acordofwood.net) which aids you in finding local, reliable, and reputable sources of firewood.  We have made it possible to search for firewood based on the proximity to your location.  We also offer a feedback section where you can rate your firewood supplier and firewood you receive.  And the best part of our website is that it’s free!  We do not charge suppliers for their listings and therefore are completely unbiased.  We depend on customer reviews to help filter out and promote suppliers.  In addition, we provide educational content in our blog section with topics that will interest the novice to the expert.  If our website is not showing anything close to you then email us and we will find someone.  [email protected].

And remember the only way we can improve this site is through your feedback and comments.  Please leave any thoughts you have in the space below and we will do our best to accommodate. 

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